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My name is Jason, I am the current manager of Custom essay meister. These guys must be thinking they are so damn smart they can put together a crappy forum like this and throw trash over the competition.

Well, guess what, this whole story is nicely fabricated, I have checked our internal company records - we did not even have the sale mentioned here, I searched by amount and date, so what these people are telling you here is a big lie. I am taking a screenshot of this page right now, so do not think of deleting my post or we'll spread the word about how you clean up your forum. Truly yours, Your Custom Essay Meister. What makes you think that this site or any other even cares about your site? From what I can tell, Custom Essay Meister has no significant impact on the industry.

If you dislike Essayfraud so much, why have you shamelessly copied their warnings and placed them on customessaymeister. Only ESL writers from foreign countries accept such paltry payment from you. Who the hell are you and why are you posting messages as if you had a motor and a propeller in your bottom? Whose watchdog are you? A smart visitor will notice the myriad of your posts all over this forum and that really looks suspicious.

All I had to do was throw in some names to get you started! Why do you case so much about those companies that carry EF logo? Because they help you pay your bills, and that's the only real reason. Be smart, don't disclose your real intentions here so clearly. It is more than evident that you are working for some people and defending their interests here. I've been a regular poster here for many months.

Who in the hell do you think YOU are coming in here to threaten people and make accusations that you cannot prove? Do you have any to share? My track record here speaks for itself. When a person comes in here and makes accusations without evidence, against ANY site, that person damn well better be ready to provide evidence. I;m a little tired of repeating myself over and over. Jason, do you have any proof to support your accusations? Can you not understand the question, or are you simply ignoring the question because you have no legitimate answer?

I think you're just mad because the lies on your site prevent you from being verified by Essayfraud, and you are jealous of the companies that have been verified. You conduct dishonest business, which I have already proven. You have nobody to blame for that but yourself. If I wanted to do so, I could cause you serious legal troubles by setting aside a few hours tomorrow and building a case against you.

I would then hand-off the evidence to all of the companies that you have defamed. I suggest that you take your leave before I begin taking your words personally. Trust me--for the sake of your business, you don't want that. Business must be terrible for your fraudulent sites. I advise you to seek psychiatric care. Referring to you as a "loser" doesn't seem adequate. I believe that the proof should come in a form of either their physical address or the names of the owners. All the rest is pure blabbery and won't count as an answer.

That just might be the case with EssayFraud See, I'm kind of neutral on what's going on here as I don't feel like participating in any activity that involves mutual defecating on each other's heads. NothingButTruth, I will not humor you--yet another rip-off site owner from Ukraine or elsewhere. FYI, Americans do not type "a proof" or "proofs. The answers to your questions are freely available on both Essay fraud and in this forum.

You should be ashamed of yourself not only because you're a woman,. Something must be quite wrong with America if you think that "strong women" are the ones who swear, make histerical accusations, and insult strangers! You brought WB's gender into it, try to justify your comment in a way that isn't overtly, obviously, ridiculously insert a few more adverbs just to make sure you get the point sexist. Lavinia, this isn't feminist forum, and I'm not up for any discussion that would deal with gender equality, "vaginal Americans", etc.

I hope you're proud that in America the most sacred biological sex drive that comes in a form of innocent flirting can get anyone out of job and into jail in no time. But that's your problem, not mine. I do not live in the US. Again, I've asked a very rational question about the origins of Essay Fraud and expected a very straight answer.

As it turned out, EssayFraud might be as well just another foreign bubble same as essaywriters. But perhaps that's not that important to some of the major figures on this forum.

Keep playing in your sandbox and pour sand mixed with urine on anyone who's not American and cannot speak perfect English. It is a blessing that most of the Americans I'm personally acquainted with are not like you two, so I can be confident that United States will not eventually enter into recession because of the ignorance and arrogance of its citizens.

All the best from Ukraine - bye-bye! You seem to be a classic example of the pervasive sexist attitude toward women that scholars have documented in the Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union. You know, stuff like this: From Oksana Yakushko, ambivalent sexism and relationship patterns among women and men in Ukraine, Sex Roles: In fact, the failure of the Soviet system has been repeatedly blamed on women's emancipation.

Thus, women are told that they must return to their traditional place in the home, the domestic sphere, whereas men should become entrepreneurs, in order for the society to recover economically Kay, ; Marsh, In a recent study, Levant and colleagues found that both Russian men and women tended to endorse traditional masculinity ideology and that their gender role beliefs were more traditional than those of their American counterparts.

This "aggressive remasculinization" of former Soviet republics, such as Ukraine and Russia, has resulted in the rise of new attitudes toward women that would be best characterized as profoundly sexist Attwood, New emphasis on domestication, nurturance, and reproduction may be succeeding in making women blind to gender stereotypes and causing them to embrace the conservative gender views.

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