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Immigration Essay

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❶Immigration Policies Background America was built by immigrants. This results to economic insecurity which might create disappointment and hostility among the immigrants or among Canadians who feel threatened by the newcomers.

In employment a Canadian born income rises same as those of European origin individuals unlike the non -white Canadians who receive low income rates. The admission of highly skilled professionals to Canada from less developed countries has continued to provoke controversy since the governments of these countries where these immigrants originate complain of poaching of people they cannot afford to lose.

Canada has maintained the need for freedom of movements of people in the midst of the controversy that it should not encourage the outflow of trained individuals from the regions that require there services. For the immigrants who are seeking asylum Canada is known for having a fairly liberal policy on asylum. Any person who arrives in Canada can apply for refugee status at any border, airport, or immigration office inside the country. Anyone who arrives and claims to be a refugee Canada will look at the claim even if they are could not be as considered to be a in other countries.

The process is divided into two a claim is submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. CIC determines within three days whether the claim is eligible to be referred to the Immigration and Refugee Board , the body that makes the final determination as to whether the applicant will receive protected status. After a person has received refugee status, he or she can apply for permanent residency. This system has been criticized as to encourage backdoor applications and posing a threat to security since after they apply they are free to move around as they wait for their determination The Canadian policy is divide into two parts temporary entry to the country and permanent entry.

Under the temporary entry one can apply while inside the country or outside the country. While outside the one applies for a visitor visa when they wish to visit the country as a tourist or a visitor. The purpose of such a visit should be to visit relatives, to attend a business meeting, to attend a conference or convention, pleasure trip or participating in a cultural show. The third class is the employment authorization or work permit which is granted to one who wishes to come to Canada and work for a Canadian company.

It is referred to work permit visa in many countries. Under any of this classes one can apply for an extension of their visas while they are within the country. While in the country one may apply for an immigrant visa as a conventional refugee also referred to as a political asylum work permit visa as a live-in-caregiver known as a domestic help, immigrant visa of Canada as a spouse granted to an application made if one gets married in Canada while on a temporary visa and immigrant visa of Canada under humanitarian and compassionate reasons.

If an individual changes the visa status this may lead to permanent immigration visa of Canada. One can apply for permanent immigration to Canada under three categories while outside Canada. In the independent class assessment is done based on a point system. It is a very popular class also called professional class or skilled worker class. The other class is the entrepreneur class investor class or self employed class.

It is also known as business migration class. Entrepreneur class and self employed is for individuals who wish to start a business in Canada while the investor class is for those who do not wish to start a business in Canada. Applying for immigrant visa to Canada under the family class is for those who have close relatives in Canada under family sponsorship. Canadian citizens and permanent residents may make an application to sponsor their relatives under the class of family class relatives and private sponsorship for refugees.

Another application is by a permanent resident if one wishes to stay outside Canada for more than six months and wants to return.

Breadwinners do not have to work abroad if they find high-paying jobs in their own country. Families do not have to leave if the country is safe for them and their children. Despite immigration being a normal practice, the issue all boils down to the government not doing anything to address the situation. And who would be at the receiving end of this socio-political turmoil but the poor?

This is why countries have resorted to reviewing their laws on immigration. Now, it is not that easy to migrate to the United States or to Europe. There are certain parameters to be observed, and a lot of papers to prepare.

The immigration officers have become more careful about who they let in in their country. Suddenly, immigration stops becoming an escape.

This is another solution to control immigrants. There should be a more stringent policy on immigration. There must be a body of authorities who would monitor the illegal immigrants in a country. Doing this may also control the population size in a city. As for each country, the best option is to provide jobs solely for their countrymen. Numerous waves of immigration brought to the United States inflows from various parts of the world — some of them did not seem to fit into the community but eventually enhanced it with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit offering additional productive capacity of the nation.

According to the Immigration Act IMMACT the annual number of immigrants should be limited to ,, with family reunification as the main criterion, adding to employment-related immigration. However, due to historical and current levels of illegal immigration; the factual number of non-American born people residing in the United States is far higher.

According to the reports, there were 8. Figures vary on a yearly basis as some portion of the unauthorized aliens tends to return home or dies. The numbers are still approximate due to the difficulty of measuring the illegal immigration. Two of the three possible ways to be classified as illegal imply that a legal immigrant becomes unauthorized to stay e.

Another way is entering without authorization or inspection — the largest portion of the third type immigrants either cross the U. Illegal aliens are still unwelcome in the United States, as they are perceived as a threat to social, economic stability and national security, especially after September 11th. Most of these apprehensions have been proved wrong, including the fact that immigrants mostly take the low-cost jobs U.

The measures taken to prevent illegal immigration activities vary from numerous amnesties initially believed to and aimed at stopping illegal inflow to debates on the necessity to increase the enforcement of existing laws, building a barrier along some or all of the United States — Mexico border, or creating a new guest worker program or any other type of program dealing with illegal immigration.

According to the Washington Post, in the quarter of the century, the U. Last major bailout of the U. However, the negative side of the act was that at least one third of the 2. It is obvious that amnesty offers no clear benefits to the country — on the contrary, it might and will invoke huge costs and additional burden for the taxpayers, including legal immigrants.

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Immigration has been part of legislation since the founding of the nation. In , Congress established a process saying ones that are born in the.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | Open Border Policy and Illegal Immigration Introduction Immigration is one of the contentious issues that continue to elicit. At the start of the century, Canada’s immigration policy, Canada’s immigration policy wasn’t fair but as the century comes to an end, Canada’s immigration policy became entirely different. There were a lot of racism in the first half of the century but most of this racism in the immigration policy disappeared from and on.