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Same with build, so people naturally are bulkier, more muscular, but with proper training, anyone can become a decent athlete. Technically, if you kept breeding tall, strong, and coordinated people together for many generations, you probably would get a group of people with greater athletic prowess. But training would still be necessary to reach their potential.

Well im in grade 11 so im not sure if this is grade 12 material.. Do birds have beaks so they can eat soft food? The way i see it, where we live, we adapt to it. Scientists have seen adaptation occur in animals throughout the years. For example, it is hypothesised that a type of dinosuar is an ancetor species of birds. So how did the dinosuar change from its size, and other characteristics to meet the characteristics of birds? Well, wen the dinosuar no longer needs its big size, or sharp teeth, then over time, the later embryo would give priority over other genes.

Like asked before, there are resons why polar bear embryo's know to give themselves a heavy coat. So i hoped that helped. As of your question with humans, perhaps u can postulate that humans do have natural abilities like the Olympic contestants, but because they go through vigerous training every day for a long period of time, their bodies become adapted to the situation.

Sorry if this isn't helpful, but the correct answer - so far as we know - is 'both. Many others traits, notably vague concepts such as athletic ability, appear to be highly trainable. On the other hand, there is probably a genetic influence which limits just how far a given skill can go. How are the things listed below similar?

The nuclear envelope and a school office both house the administration. The inside of these places is where all the important decisions are being made. The membrane office also serves as a I need help in writing a research paper comparing and contrasting aminoglycosides and quinolone I will not write out your paper or your introduction for you but I will help you organize your ideas into an appropriate format.

The introduction to your paper should introduce the reader to the Which statement is correct? Mallards don't have a basic plumage. Mallards don't have an Both statements are actually false for mallards. What we refer to as "basic plumage" actually refers to the dull-colored feathers the ducks produce and soon molt in between moltings.

The process of osmosis would explain the net movement of water into a cell if the percentage of Osmosis describes the movement of a solvent in this case, water from areas of low solute concentration to areas of high solute concentration, seeking to balance the two regions.

What sort of education is required for microbial epidemiologists? Epidemiology is the study of health and disease; specifically, the way that a population exists in a healthy state, or in a diseased state.

Microbes refer to single-celled organisms. The acronym STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. An STD is a disease that is transmitted from How many bones does a 7 year old boy have? The number of bones a person has in their body generally depends on their age. A human newborn baby has approximately bones in his or her body. As the person ages and develops, some of the Explain the difference between passive and active transport. Passive and active transport are both biological terms and have to do with the movement of chemical species from one side of a semi-permeable membrane to another.

Passive transport is a type of Describe four characteristics by which bacterial colonies can be distinguished? On a nutrient media like agar, bacteria can be grown in colonies in laboratories, which appear as a solid mass when seen through the naked eyes.

Studying certain characteristic features of these What is Gram staining? What is its significance? What is the procedure of the Gram stain? Gram staining is a visualization method and a general cataloging technique for bacteria. A majority of bacteria can be divided into two very general classes, Gram positive and Gram negative, What are the functions of proteins?

Proteins are considered macromolecules because of their size. Large molecules made up of repeating units are called polymers.

The small units or monomers that make up proteins are called amino What is the region in prokaryotic cells containing genetic material? The major difference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells is that eukaryotic cells contain a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles while prokaryotic cells do not. So while in eukaryotic What is phytoremediation and how it can be used to clean up the environment?

Let's define both terms. Bioremediation is using natural organisms to naturally clean up pollutants in a natural setting. Usually this means microbes like bacteria. Phytoremediation is a subset What percent of our brain do we use and which side?

The parts of the brain used depends upon the function you are trying to Distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation and provide examples of microbes that Bioremediation is the use of living organisms to clean up a pollutant in a natural setting. Biodegradation is basically another term for this. It is the chemical breakdown of unwanted waste What is the skeletal system? The skeletal system is the system of bones in an organism's body that gives it structural rigidity.

The study on anatomical part that can be easily viewed by naked eyes is segmented under gross anatomy and those parts that form the basic organization of a living body is studied under Histological section.

This area of study is important to discover the functioning, composition and importance of any specific part or organ. Hence, when plants anatomy is studied, it is termed as plant anatomy. Likewise, anatomical study of animals is termed as animal anatomy. Cell is the foundation of any living body. It is the first step for the beginning of life. Though it is minute and cannot be seen by naked eyes, but it is made of many important components.

Hence, knowledge on cell, its structure, composition and function can be obtained by study of Cell Biology. Presently, cells are also important to conduct study on different diseases, transplantation of organs, immune system of body and many more.

It is the area of biology that elucidates our knowledge on living organism at a molecular level. It also provides information on the interaction of different systems of a body at molecular level.

Hence, molecular biology is connected with many other fields of Science including Cell Biology, Genetics etc. Some important topics segmented in this field of Biology are Biomolecules, Gene expression, Membrane Biology. Genetics include the study of gene, heredity and variation of an organism. The reason for transmission of trait, genetic disorders, Study on Chromosomes and DNA are sliced in this field of Biology.

Presently, with the concept and ideas of this field, people have started modifying animals and plants to obtain maximum benefit. Hence, this field of Biology include wide range of topics like genetic engineering, Epigenetics, Molecular genetics and many more.

Microbiology deals with the study of minute organism or smaller organism that cannot be viewed by our naked eyes. Presently, microorganism are important in different research fields as they are used in designing drugs and studying about viruses including many other pathogens. Hence, subjects like Bacteriology, Viruses, Virology, and Microscopy are dealt under this area of Biology. Biochemistry deals with the structures and functions of biomolecules that form the components of the living cell and develops and understanding of how various biological processes in living beings.

For the understanding of how cellular structures are made and how cellular structures of living cells work, it is important to understand about the complex biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, amino acids, carbohydrates, glucose, fructose, nucleic acids like Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid DNA and RNA including DNA cloning and DNA sequencing, antioxidants, generation of free radicals, study of chemistry of fats and lipids like glycerides and triglycerides.

Understanding the structure and functioning of these biomolecules helps to understand cell functions like cell signalling, neurochemistry and neurology, bioinformatics, genetics, heredity, genomics, evolution and other life processes like metabolism, nutrition, RNA transcription, respiration, ageing and diseases, protein metabolism, muscles and more.

Biochemistry is also important to understand about drug interactions and diseases like cancer, AIDS, HIV, immunological responses, immune systems and hormonal systems as well as to develop an understanding of agricultural biology, molecular biology, parasitology, pharmacology and oncology cancer. You will learn how to uncover the molecular processes of life and how this knowledge can be applied in medical science and biotechnology such as sequencing, cloning, protein synthesis, mutations, enzyme reaction and kinetics and more.

Biochemistry is widely used in areas like Agriculture and horticulture, industries related to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, genetically modified organisms, Biochemical Intellectual property industries, stem cell research, Medical research, biomedical science research projects as well as advanced biochemistry and biotechnology laws related to intellectual property.

If you are in School, your assignment might be of any area in Biology but if you are pursuing Under-graduation or Post-graduation; the topic of your assignment is narrowed down to the field of specialization that you have pursued. But in both these cases, you are required to submit Biology assignment on time.

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Help With Biology Homework Biology is an exceptionally wide science field that covers every form of life, from single-celled amoebas to incredibly complex organisms like humans. Understanding the various mechanisms influencing our functions, behaviour, and features cannot be done without biology.

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Biology Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Biology eNotes Home Homework Help. Apr 17,  · Biology Homework Help What makes My Homework Help The Leading Provider of Biology Homework Help. Biology is the study of life forms – from single celled amoebas to complex multi cellular organism like humans/5().