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Analyze the style Jonathan Swift used in Gulliver’s Travels to satirize society.


❶St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. The poem and their correspondence suggest that Esther was infatuated with Swift, and that he may have reciprocated her affections, only to regret this and then try to break off the relationship.

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Parodic, Absurd
by Jonathan Swift

He seems to have no difficulty in finding words to express exactly the impression which he wishes to convey. He realizes so clearly what he is describing that the reader is , of necessity and impressed. His words are selected that they convey exactly the impression he wishes to create.

The words suit the subject perfectly. Sometimes he even ignores the rules of grammar in order to express himself in a way which will create the correct impression.

There is a little ornament: Referring to his style, Dr. Jonathan has said; His style was well suited to his thoughts, which are never decorated by sparkling conceits, elevated by ambitious sentences or variegated by far-sought learning.

He always says clearly and precisely what he means. As an example, we can see the description of a minister of state given by Gulliver to his Honyhnhnm master. His style suits the matter precisely. For a child, it is simple narrative of the travels of Gulliver to some strange lands, and his interesting experiences there.

For the intellectuals it is a satire on the follies of his age as well as of human beings in general. His style enables him to tell a story clearly with exactly the right amount of detail and to describe equally clearly such complicated processes as the capture of the Blesfuscu fleet, or the schemes of projectors. The book is written with such consummate ease that we are apt to overlook the skill with with which Swift achieves this object. A French critic says: The same way Houyhnhnms pronounced Whinnims sounds just like the neighing of a horse and Yahoo is the sound that people make when they are liberated.

And Swift tries to give meaning to these same words to create a sense of authenticity for example, in voyage II, Gulliver is described as being as big as a splacknuck. So, although some words sound totally non-sensical there, is, infact some sense and meaning behind them. One of them is that is that Swift creates authenticity through the use of archaic language like the language used in the Old Testament for example after his long nap, Gulliver says that he awaked after a long nap.

At times, these same details are very disgusting like he describes how he had to disburden himself in Lilliput or the beggars in Brobdingna, but these same disgusting details create realism. Accessed September 14, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Jonathan Swift 44 , Satire How about make it original?

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Other writers agree: that wise guy of English prose, Jonathan Swift, knew a thing or two about good style: Swift's style is, in its line, perfect; the manner is a complete expression of the matter, the terms appropriate, and the artifice concealed.

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Swift imitates different kinds of jargon and technical writing to show that the weakness of mankind isn't just limited to politics and morals; we write pretty badly, too. Of course, in addition to all of these abstract parodies and moral lessons, the style of Gulliver's Travels is also pretty absurd.

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“His style is of the plain and simple kind; free of all affectation, and all superfluity; perspicuous, manly and pure.” Look more: jonathan swift satire essay And at times, his style appears so simple that its seems like anybody with a little sense of writing could write like him but in this same simple ness of manner lies Swift’s greatness like Scott says. Jonathon Swift’s A Modest Proposal Week 4, Assignment 1 Phoenix University Professor Smith HUM January 29, Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal I choose a writing by Jonathan Swift, A Modest Proposal written in The piece starts off innocent .

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Although Jonathan Swift is a protestant, his essay mostly attacks Protestants and supports Catholics. He not supporting Catholic religion however, but criticizing how the Protestants are oppressing the Catholics and seemingly blaming them for the nation's problems. Swift wrote plain perfection of prose. critics like William Deans Howells; T.S. Eliot etc. have called Jonathan Swift the greatest writer of prose like T.S. Eliot says that"Swift, the greatest writer of English prose, and the greatest man /5(6).