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Writing a Legal Opinion - Essay Example

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❶Lay out the pros and cons of a particular course of action, but always come down on one side or the other.. Taught in small sections by faculty who have practiced law and have extensive experience with international lawyers, the course prepares international LLM students for a transnational career.

Formulation of a Legal Opinion

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How Do You Write a Legal Statement?
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View the comments for this story. Commenting is not available in this channel entry. Most Read Most Commented. Citing possible fraud, US denies passports to hundreds of Hispanics and demands proof of citizenship Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to 8 crimes: However, the opinions expressed in the letter are not a guarantee of a particular outcome. An opinion letter is useful before you get into a transaction.

It is written before one enters, litigates or defends transactions. An opinion letter must address all the questions that the client wants to be answered. The reason why a client has the question is that they are confused about an issue and they want professional guidance in the area.

So when writing the letter, you must clarify all the areas of concern. Most of the time, the clients approach you with an unclear question.

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In addition, you are included in the company recommendation widget so you reach more passive job seekers. Turn on employer branding and benefit from more relevant job applicants and shorter time-to-hire. Legal Opinion August 5, by Martin 0 0. August 5, by Martin 0 0. In a negligence legal opinion it will be vital to assess the level of damages that the client can expect to receive or pay out. What should also be borne in mind throughout the planning stage should be the opposing case.

Evidential issues must also be considered. A good legal opinion will always address how a particular factual situation can be proved. Before you begin writing a legal opinion, you will know exactly what advice you are going to give, why you are giving it and how you are going to present it.

The legal opinion should be written following a structure. The first paragraphs should serve as an introduction to the legal opinion, laying out the salient facts and what you have been asked to advise about. At this point, many legal opinions will set out the main conclusions and advice and the overall opinion.

This is good practice as it will encourage focus throughout the legal opinion and the reader will be able to read the following paragraphs knowing where they are leading. A percentage chance of success can be included in this section if appropriate.

The subsequent paragraphs should set out your reasons for reaching the legal opinion which you do in the opening paragraphs.

This is where the legal structure will come in. Each issue should be taken in its logical order. Each section should include you opinion on that issue and the reasons for it. There are certain rules of structure which ought to be followed for the sake of consistency in legal opinions. One example of these is that liability should be dealt with before quantum in civil claims.

There is no need to set out basic principles of law with which the reader will be familiar. Otherwise, authorities should be cited to support propositions of laws and when doing so a full citation should be given. It is important to prioritise the authorities cited in a legal opinion in order of importance to the point being addressed.

If a particular case is central to your reasoning, the basis on which the case was decided should be set out fully in the legal opinion. It may even be appropriate to quote directly from the judgment although often paraphrasing the effect of the decision will usually suffice.

Always refer the case you are citing back to the facts being dealt with in the legal opinion. Always cite the most authoritative case on the point of law being dealt with. For example, there is no point citing a Court of Appeal judgment which has been overruled by a subsequent House of Lords case.

With regard to statute, much of the same advice will apply. If there is a statutory provision which deals directly with the subject of the legal opinion then this should be clearly stated and its effects fully explained. Of course care must be taken to ensure that any statutory provision being cited is in force at the time of writing the legal opinion.

In summary, any legal opinion should be written with the reader in mind. It should be clear, well reasoned and as concise as it is possible to be without sacrificing completeness. A logical structure based on the legal principles being discussed is vital to clarity.

Any piece of legal writing should be read before submission to ensure against grammatical or typographical errors which will detract from the communicative value of the work.

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In my opinion there is no fixed proforma to give legal opinion. Giving legal opinion is a delicate task. Advocates should not blindly follow the words of the client/s.

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Drafting a legal opinion can and should always be split into two processes: The thinking process and the writing process. The Thinking Process The first thing to do is to digest and organise the facts.

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A legal opinion is a written statement by a judicial officer, legal expert or a court as to the illegibility or legibility of a condition, intendant or action. In business, an opinion letter represents the opinion giver's professional understanding of a particular aspect of a transaction or a . In this letter, I will provide you with my legal opinion and analysis so you can make a qualified decision regarding the charges you face. I will first restate the facts, as I know them, to confirm their accuracy.

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Writing a legal opinion, - Dissertation books amazon. Our company deals exclusively with experienced and well-educated professionals of academic writing. Drafting a legal opinion can and should always be split into two processes: The thinking process and the writing process. The Thinking Process In a negligence legal opinion it will be vital to assess the level of damages that the client can expect to receive or pay out. damage.5/5(3).