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European History

Causes of the First World War

❶Strachan, Hew March A third long-term cause of world War II was the failure to create lasting, strong standards for peace and security.


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M.A.I.N Long Term Causes of WW1 by Caroline Ella 1. ALLIANCES Purposes To ensure safety & protection between countries in case of war/threat To keep peace within Europe Alliances Britain & its Allies called Triple Entente Germany & Central Allies were called Triple Alliance Alliances pt 2

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Long Term Cause: Imperialism Imperialism causes competition over colonies, then evokes into rivalry. This was seen in the 's with Africa, many European nations were fighting for a "piece" of Africa.

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Before WW1, wars used to be short and they weren't as destructive, and the soldiers of the war were not expecting that they would just become part of a number, rather than being recognized for their hard work, and dying for the people of the country. How did "the arms race" cause World War One? Driven by the arms race, all the european countries got stronger. They all felt safer and could more easily start a war.

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The four long term causes of World War 1, Imperialism, Nationalism, Alliances and Militarism all worked to put all of Europe on edge, and with all countries having great hostility towards each other. They stimulated hate, conflict and distrust between nations and alliances. Long-Term Causes. Imperialism. Empire-building had long been an aim of many of the European nations. Britain, France, Spain and Portugal had all exploited the weaknesses of local tribes in the centuries beforehand to spread their empires across the globe.