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This is essential in many different applications. Just one example of its importance is its use on-board low flying helicopters, which frequently need to be able to see and avoid buildings, power lines and weather systems such as dust storms. Arralis has developed world-leading expertise in radio frequency, micro and millimetre-wave technology.

There are many threats to the success of a space mission; launching and landing the spacecraft carry the highest rate of failure during the mission. This radar system is a particularly innovative technology in that it is capable of recognising small objects such as rocks. The radar identifies zones of danger where landing the spacecraft would most likely fail or damage the structure. Similarly, the precision of this instrument is of vital importance when in space because of the amount of debris orbiting the planet.

Established in , run by a proven management team, Atout Process Limited is a microSME with a track record of profitable growth, based around innovative non-invasive electromagnetic measurement techniques that allow us to see inside pipes, into vessels, through opaque barriers and weigh without touching. The company has been establishing applications in a variety of industrial sectors including Energy and Food, measuring complex flows of valuable commodities. Whilst these markets continue to progress, Atout is now repositioning around an exciting new application, measuring the most valuable commodities of all, propellants in space.

Maps and Earth Observation imagery have increasing importance to our daily lives and global economy. There is an incredible growth in the quantity of Earth imagery which enables highly accurate observation of large-scale events. This has useful applications in all walks of life: However, often mapping and Earth Observation imagery are prohibitively expensive and beyond the reach of the everyday person. Imagine taking a real time selfie from space. Traditional data provision models have relied on disseminating low — volume, high cost images to high value customers.

In this model, only a fraction of the wider audience of individuals and businesses can derive value from this information. This will exploit captive markets, such as online travel or estate agencies, and the wider wealth of online, real time georeferenced data. Earth Observation is also a powerful tool to provide high-revisit coverage of specific regions. Data about our planet gathered from space finds wide ranges of applications, such as air pollution measurements, natural disaster predictions and consequences as well as the pace of deforestation.

It can measure the entirety of human impact on Earth. The business model relies on determining locations of high demand, acquiring relevant imagery from multiple data sources and delivering the results directly to customers.

The aim is to acquire and sell only the pixels that matter, maximising their value by selling them multiple times. Blue Skies Space was started in and offers a new model to commission and fund astrophysics satellites for a worldwide user base of academic researchers. In the context of the space sector, the cost of accessing space is going down, more companies are launching small satellites, using off the shelf components which make this much quicker and cheaper.

The initial activities of the company are aimed at delivering astrophysics satellites, with the first project, Twinkle www. The company aims to become the world-leading provider of scientific data for astrophysics researchers as a commercial service.

Blue Skies Space vision is to regularly deliver satellites tailored to specific astrophysical observations as a global commercial service. Its first project, Twinkle, focuses on exoplanet spectroscopy, a priority science area worldwide with huge demand for observational data.

Twinkle is currently undergoing design completion. It is planned for launch by and will operate for 5 to 10 years. The scientific study of exoplanet atmospheres answers important questions about how planets are formed, how atmospheres change and whether our solar system is unique. Apart from satisfying human curiosity and contributing to our understanding about which other planets could be habitable, this also has practical implications to help us better understand the physics governing atmospheric change on our own planet.

Bright Ascension started in to offer a fresh and innovative approach to engineering research and development in the space industry and other high technology areas. Bright Ascension offers on-board and ground software for satellite missions that is affordable and reliable. The start-up also provides Mission control software, the interface between on the ground operators and the satellite.

Bright Ascension is different from other companies in the satellite software space in that it is highly agile: This saves time and money and is putting the power of nanosatellites and CubeSats in the hands of people and organisations that would not have been able to launch their own satellite ten years ago. This is opening up exciting new scientific, commercial and educational applications to universities, research institutions and innovative Space start-ups. Bright Ascension also provides software for the Outernet non-profit organisation, which is helping millions of people in the developing world receive information through satellites.

This information ranges from weather forecasts to the price of commodities. It is particularly helpful for farmers in rural and developing regions. This CubeSat, which is about the size of a loaf of bread, includes six different experiments such as science instruments, amateur radio, technology demonstration and outreach.

One of the experiments was a school engagement programme where students were able to connect with the satellite as it passed overhead. The provision of communication services to clients over the years has enabled the Company to be at the forefront of innovation through targeted technologies and service concepts.

The Company is increasingly participating in the development of leading edge innovative technologies to provide for more affordable satellite communications. Traditional approaches continue to be a barrier to entry for smaller enterprises due to cost, coverage and complexity issues. The pursuit of more affordable communications is founded on our belief that new cheaper innovative delivery platforms IDPs including Unmanned Aerial Systems UAS , High Altitude Platforms HAPs and small satellites will increasingly be used to deliver competitive communications into niche areas where current offerings are non-existent or unsuitable.

Our NEATaccess communications equipment together with our NEATdelivery uninterrupted service delivery technology is fostering our ambition to create a disruptive change in the delivery of future satellite communications.

Ecometrica is the only company that combines geospatial mapping and earth observation technology with traditional environmental accounting for a total organisational sustainability picture, all within a single platform that can be easily controlled by non-expert users.

From one map, decision makers can observe change, assess risk, spot opportunities and create strategic plans. Ecometrica has a team of recognised experts in sustainability accounting, remote sensing and GIS.

The company has unrivalled experience in environmental assessments and natural capital accounting, and the Ecometrica Platform brings clarity to environmental and natural resource challenges by combining earth observation data with local information and business intelligence. However, primarily, Ecometrica is a rapidly growing business with a software platform that was built in-house, from scratch, by one of the most experienced environmental analyst and development teams in the business.

The emerging corporate market for mapping software, which will help to bring clarity to internal data assets and external supply chains, is still in its relative infancy — but Ecometrica has been developing solutions in anticipation since , when the market crystallises, it will be there to lead it. Geocento has built an online marketplace to enable anyone to obtain Earth Observation data quickly from satellites, in the knowledge that we will find the most appropriate imagery for them and ensure that they get the best deal.

With support from an online platform and supplier database, it provides customers with prices for existing, recent imagery or provides them with a set of quotes for new image surveys of a location. This is a comparison platform offering, for up-to-date and custom-fit information on a location beyond that offered by Google Earth or other generic services. Furthermore, the marketplace is already being licensed as a web platform by third parties to help them streamline their own image distribution or access.

Geocento was formed in late to provide a consolidated solution in a fragmented market for satellite imagery, helping business consumers to obtain the imagery they require for a wide range of applications.

Look around, wherever you are, and you will see buildings, fields and resources of one form or another that can be surveyed, assessed quickly, easily and increasingly price competitively, for whatever purpose, be it for spraying fertiliser where it is needed, assessing damage from a storm or carrying out urban planning.

Geocento is now providing this service, with early online sales underpinned by a web-based technologies as well as space industry expertise and supplier relationships.

Geocento is in a position to scale up this business and at the same time to extend the supplier network to unmanned aerial vehicles drones. This latter market is even more fragmented and will grow substantially as the regulatory environment becomes established in the US and EU over the next 2 years.

The result will be a uniquely inclusive marketplace for imagery serving a very broad market. Geocento is also keen to access qualified drone operators and imagery through a set of regional brokers and has already started this process. Geocento is a consolidator in a highly fragmented market and has ambitious plans to provide a marketplace for imagery from both satellites and drones. The latter will be one of the major disruptive technologies of the coming decade. Based in the far South West of the UK, Goonhilly received the first transatlantic TV pictures in and from there grew to become the pioneer in satellite communications, present at the birth of Intelsat, Inmarsat and Eutelsat.

Now in private ownership, GES Ltd is developing Goonhilly into a diverse and highly innovative space technology and applications centre. This diversity significantly lowers their operating risk by spreading our fixed overheads allowing them to offer a combination of brilliant service and excellent value-for-money.

The experience, knowledge and commitment of its staff is recognised by its clients as their strongest asset. Gyana is a space technology company. The company uses machine learning to make Big Data analysis available to everyone, during their everyday lives.

It has created a broad range of technologies that use deep mathematical analysis models and machine learning techniques combined with space technologies to enable real time big data to help users assess the world around them. The machine learning techniques are absolutely cutting edge and one of their kind in the world. Gyana uses its own in-house mathematical research to create these unique solutions. For example, this means it allows users to get a sense of what an area is like and learns from their mood whether it will suit them.

For instance, if a user was in the mood to go out in London it would tell them how busy Covent Garden is compared with other areas of London. It would also provide insight on transport infrastructure, crime rates and other interesting trends. Gyana has developed a unique system that helps sonify large sets of data.

The experimental psychologists at Gyana were able to find that people respond better to sounds and imagery, rather than text. Therefore uniquely, the app communicates with its user through the use of sounds and imagery to communicate analysis. Founded by Joyeeta Das and Mark Gilbert, the team counts three post doctorates and four Masters students from Oxford University among its founding staff. The team consists of some of the brightest mathematical minds at Oxford University. Gyana was born in with an Oxford University summer accelerator program.

Joyeeta Das is an active and successful entrepreneur, currently a core committee member of Oxford Business Network where she acts as Head of Business Plan Feasibility. Besides her entrepreneurial and technology interests, she has a wide range of humanitarian experience, as a volunteer as well as the founder of Anahata Life.

Companies failing Stores Affected Employees Affected to August 28 2, 38, 12 months 44 1, 12, 12 months 30 1, 26, 12 months 25 6, 12 months 43 1, 12, 12 months 49 2, 25, 12 months 54 3, 48, 12 months 31 2, 24, 12 months 26 10, 12 months 37 6, 26, 12 months 54 5, 74, 12 months 25 2, 14, The Centre has analysed the main retail failures in the period since the recession.

There are 32, with 12, stores affected and , employees. Woolworths was the biggest casualty in this period with stores and 30, staff, BHS was the second largest in terms of stores and House of Fraser the second largest in terms of staff.

These figures are based on the CRR's own research over this period. Further details can be downloaded here. Some of these companies recovered and came out of administration; some were bought by other businesses; some were sold as going concerns but changed their name; for some, the name was bought and this is still used, but under different ownership; and others ceased to exist.

The presence of any business in this historical listing must not be taken to imply that it no longer exists, its name is not used or that such business, if still trading, is impaired in anyway. In February widespread concern was expressed about how recent business failures had been handled.

There is no imputation of illegality made, it is just odd.

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Established in , run by a proven management team, Atout Process Limited is a microSME with a track record of profitable growth, based around innovative non-invasive electromagnetic measurement techniques that allow us to see inside pipes, into vessels, through opaque barriers and weigh without touching. The Centre for Retail Research - Who's Gone Bust in Retail UK.

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