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If you're changing careers, please use the "professional resume" option instead. Most resumes and CVs fall into this category. Select a professional resume whether you have 2 years or 20 years of experience. Also for employment lapses, career changes, transitions, etc; Begin Order. If you have executive-level experience or will be applying for a senior management position, this level of service will ensure that your project is assigned to a resume writer of the proper caliber.

Select the Federal Resume level of service whether you have zero experience or 4 decades of experience working for the government.

We'll assign to a specialized Federal resume writer. Order your resume now and a professional resume writer will begin working on it within 60 minutes or less! Our volunteer opportunities are open to individuals 14 years of age and over. Volunteer within a fun and healthy environment and enjoy these benefits:. Are you interested in becoming a Fitness Instructor? Learn how you can become certified to work or volunteer in these areas by clicking on our guidebooks below: Opportunities We incorporate our values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility into everything we do.

How will you make an impact? All Current Career Opportunities. Volunteer within a fun and healthy environment and enjoy these benefits: Keep at it I guess. There are a lot of us in the same situation. I'm a new grad. I have degrees in Ecology and Civil engineering and I've been applying for anything and everything in the environmental sector Sometimes these companies just put out postings to accumulate resumes so they can hire people when they have work.

Considering the situation right now I think it's safe to say they're probably filing your resume away until things pick up. You're not the only one in this situation, I've put out about 16 applications last month and haven't heard anything. Have you looked at the construction side of things?

I've only recently been applying for construction and project management positions. I only took the minimum required classes for structures since I had planned on being an environmental engineer. Maybe I'll get lucky and my lack of specialized classes won't be a detriment. Thanks for the advice! Have a look at underground and earth moving construction jobs if you're worried about qualifications. I went to school for civil eng and haven't ever been asked about classes.

As long as you're not an idiot, and can hold a conversation, you'll do quite well. I hope I'm wrong, but in this market, lack of experience is probably what's doing it.

Good luck to you though. I was hoping the fact that I'm a 'mature' student and I've been holding down 30 hours a week while going to school would give me a leg up on the younger graduates.

I've been working since I was 15, just not in the industry that I'm applying for. I've got 4 years of experience working as a research assistant in various environmental labs, but that hasn't seemed to help either. I understand your pain. Companies are getting so many resumes that they don't even have time to look at them all. So even if we're perfect for the job, there is a good possibility that the resume wasn't even reviewed.

Have you tried an Alberta Works Centre? They might be able to point you in the direction of free resources. They are extremely helpful. It might not replace a professional, but it may be a free and good resource for you! The public library offers free "Career Coaching" sessions on various days of the week. They offer help with job searching, resume writing, mock interviews and cover letters.

I've never been myself but I bet it would be worth checking out: OP the last time I looked for a job, I sometimes hit 80 applications a day. Even though I might be competing with you and anyone who reads this soon, I achieved the most success by writing industry specific resumes. For example I might qualify for 20 different job types based on my experience, and I basically wrote 20 different resumes, and on top of that personalized the resumes to the specific company - to a degree.

You could pay a company to do it for you, but nobody can sell you like you. Plus this is a lifetime skill you'll want..

Lets take a look at your situation objectively:


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