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Variables & Patterns

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❶Students can also see where the factor pairs reverse order geometrically.

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Good questions and good listening will help children make sense of mathematics, build self-confidence, and encourage mathematical thinking and communication. A good question opens up a problem and supports different ways of thinking about the problem; it cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no.

This section provides examples of guiding questions. Parents, use these helpful videos to bolster your math knowledge as you help your student with homework. Parent and Family Place Welcome! These Important Concepts include a short description of several important mathematical ideas along with illustrative examples of each. Use these helpful reference sheets to reinforce your math knowledge as you work with your student at home.

Filling and Wrapping Samples and Populations. These short clips are the same videos many CMP3 teachers use to review key math concepts when they prepare to teach CMP3 lessons. Use these helpful videos to bolster your math knowledge as you help your student with homework. Unit 2 Bits and Pieces. Unit 3 Lets Be Rational. Unit 5 Decimal Ops. Unit 6 Variables and Patterns. Unit 7 - Data About Us. Hour Of Code Unit 6 Overview In Variables and Patterns, your child will study some basic ideas of algebra and learn some ways to use those ideas to solve problems and make decisions.

The Investigations in this Unit will help your student learn how to: Recognize situations in which variables are related in predictable ways Describe patterns of change in words, data tables, graphs, and equations Use data tables, graphs, equations, and inequalities to solve problems As your child works on the problems in this Unit, ask them questions about problem situations that involve related quantitative variables: What are the variables in the problem?

Which variables depend on or change in relation to others? How can you use a table, graph, equation, or inequality to represent and analyze a relationship between variables?

These mathematical goals are pursued through work on four Problems in the context of planning and pilot-testing a three-day cross-country bicycle trip from Atlantic City, NJ, to Williamsburg, VA. In particular, the Problems of this Investigation focus on cause-and-effect relationships where changes in one variable can reasonably be thought to cause changes in another. In these cases it is natural to call the first quantity the independent variable and the responding quantity the dependent variable though this designation is sometimes arbitrary.

Relating Variables With Equations This Investigation continues development of student understanding and skill in analyzing relationships between quantitative variables by use of algebraic expressions and equations to represent those relationships.

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To help you solve such problems, n Variables and Patterns, you will study some basic ideas of algebra and learn some ways to use those ideas. You will learn how to • Identify variables in situations • Recognize situations in which changes in variables are related in useful patterns. Variables and Patterns: Introducing Algebra **Remember to also complete the following for homework: Summary Packet, MAP/GLA Packet, Literacy Packet, Vocabulary, and Computation Packet Date Bell Ringer Daily Problems Homework.