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How to Find an Address to Write Oprah Winfrey

What Are Some of Oprah Winfrey's Charities?

❶This is French Repondez s'il vous plait for "Please reply. I have been told by many that I am gifted because people's lives have changed as a result of coaching them.

What Is a Timeline of Important Milestones From Oprah Winfrey's Life?

How Do You Write a Personal Letter to Oprah Winfrey?
Have You Received Help From Oprah?
What Are Some Recommended Published Biographies About Oprah?

I live right in the middle of a bad drug area. My unit was broken into. Then I had a gun pulled to my head. I was told that's no reason for them to move me an my girls. I work every hard on myself. Who said I told care about my life? My daugther have night mare from the break in. I pray that this prayer be answer. May God keep you here with the land of the living for Women like me. God loves you,an so do I. Your biggest fan La'keesha Taylor. I am the Lord vadez, towers, private money lender.

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Just complete the form below and return to us as we expect your prompt and immediate response. Dear Madame Oprah Winfrey, First and foremost, you are truly amazing.

As a kid I grew up watching your show marveled by how you orate, speak, effectively communicating with hearers and listeners. You encourage women all over the world, I believe it feels good to say that you are a champion of women. You at 33 years old, my god I been through so many things. Plainly so, I've had a lot of near death experiences where odds where against, but evens prevailed.

I graduated from DSU with a degree in History. Of course, Wilmington, DE does not have the best reputation as a beta city, but its home to gospel music reflects that; it has "scars". I have an addictive personality because of these emotional instabilities that are seemingly etched in memory.

I just quit smoking cigarettes, but hey many great people smoke cigarettes and besides phillip morris is good; I guess. Madame Oprah Winfrey there is something else I need to share with you. He is beautiful and kind, his alter ego is S I remember when I graduated college Queen Latifah spoke and wow did she command the audience.

I was so impressed that after being handed my degree I gave her a hug and when I got back to my seat I stood, and stood for because a black woman represented an idea. And you know what all my fellow students followed suit I have such a tiny voice my dad was in the military and was very abusive to me and family.

So I think at times having a deep voice is being aggressive. Im 33 and still live at home with my parents because I have to protect my mom from the abuse I know to well. I was born in Wiesbaden and supposedly my last name is Alston. I have a son who is 11 also 1 brother and 1 sister. I am very depressed and sleepy a lot. I am healthy but I believe the mind is stronger than the body and my mind is cloudy from personal issues. I want to quit drugs altogether.

I really hope your representatives get this note to you. Oprah I wanted to email last week but I didn't feel well. My two other siblings are so good to me they always encourage me, half time I think they think that im scatterbrain and wishy-washy. I need one class from wilmu to graduate, but I had to stop and take break I had a nervous breakdown crying a lot anywhere and everywhere.

The weird thing about it is that people in public also cried! I have hobbies like jogging, yes swimming, im an aquarius, reading and venturing good food. I would like to talk to you more. My email is alston. My cell number is I was compelled to contact you because I remember fighting depression and you came on tv and said, "you have purpose". God bless you always, you have done so much wonderful thing for women all across the world.

You are truly the defination of a wonderful human being. Growing up in NY can be a struggle, but your show has inspired me in many way and saved me at the same time. Oppose to turning to the street life of hanging out and self distructing, I turned to books and became a reader. Words of inspiration allowed me to meet and an amazing aurthor, who then bacame a very good friend of mine. Carie-Ann Burton wrote the book Fridgid Summer.

Her book is capitivating and inspirational at the same time. Carie-Ann Burton allow you to feel as though you are one of the characters in her book, such books I can not put down. Oprah, Fridgit Summer by J. Carie-Ann Burton has inspired me, because it has taught me to face my struggles in life head on and to never give up. Oprah I have listened and read about your struggles in life and I know reading is the best therapy.

I ask if you can please read Fridgit Summer, it an amazing book and I promise it will not be a wait of your time. Thank you for inspiring me and saving my life. Your friend, Vorina Massiah. I had to write to you today, because for my entire short life i have dreamed of talking with you, if only for a short few moments. My sister is recovering from an Autogolous Bone Marrow Transplant I could use your help getting this information out about my sister Hi everyone, I do hope my post gets read and hopefully helps somebody along the line.

She loss her daugther this year due to illess and was shot before that cause her to wear a trek in her throat. She was 26 years old.

Her daughter leaves her 6 yr old. She was malested at 8,9 yrs. And her mother aslo. All thru blood relatived. Adam is the one rape anita daughter and two more child of Anita sister.. Anita has no where to go. We want to break the cycle. So her grandaughter will not face the same her mother face. She is the top in her class at 6 yrs. Dear Oprah, I am not sure how to ask for help.

You are a very bless women, I love the things you are doing to help people, I' am praying that you can help me, I am single mom with child 5 years old, do my higher education at UTS Current PhD student in mechanical engineering at university of technology, Sydney.

I am in desperate need of some financial help or scholarship for paying my tuition fees and living allowance. I am writing to you because i need help. I am a married woman with 3 beautiful boys age 13,5 and 8 months. For the last 10 years we have been trying to go and visit my parents in Southern Africa but could not save enough for the tickets. I know there are people real big problems and need more help than us,so please if you can bless us with this opportunity to see my parents in their old age before they pass on.

Yours faithfully True nathan gmail. Hi,I'm ill and I'm asking for a donation. For I have the virus hiv. I need a Bob Beck protocol equipment. It would build my immune system. I cannot afford the items ,I'm asking for a donation for the Bob Beck protocol equipment. I have no friends or family that would help me with the support. Please contact me at tajuana dunkley p.

I never thought that there are still God sent and genuine loan lenders on the internet but to my greatest surprise i got my loan without wasting much time so if you are out there looking for a loan of any amount i would like to recommend you to Mr Austin George the Managing director of Austin Loan Company because he is a God sent man that can change your life forever So if you really want to make a better life without any fund scarcity I would advise you to get in touch with him through this e-mail below:: Hi dear friends, could you please send me oprah's email.

Hello Oprah Winfrey, i felt sad when i heard you have cancer. I was touched for one reason, you have spent your entire life helping others or people, breast cancer.

Once you try it the results will be positive, you don't need to thank me but to thank God. Hi Oprah Winfrey, I suppose to deliver this message to you since morning but I have been looking for a way to message you. Heard you have twelve Weeks to Live, Diagnosed with Cancer. You are healed, Doctors Don't have the final say in your life but God does. His thoughts for us is the thought of good and not of bad. I strongly belive that you will be a testimony to many nations. God's miracle will perfect in your life.

All you need to do is to belive. I pray that God will multiply the weeks to years, your sorrow into joy. Hello,how are you now? I hope you will be fine and your healthy getting better. I want to introduce myself My name is Rama,I am from Syria. I got married three years ago and I have a girl ,she is in 9 month. I am very shy to ask you to help me,but really I need this help,I don't feel fine ,I need to feel I am a human , I left my home in Zamlka but now it was destroyed so I don't have a home to live in,l live in my father's house and I have a problems with them all the time because we live in a small home ,I don't feel comfortable and I don't have another aplace to live in so I must live in that home l wish from you to help me to have a home in Damascus so I can live in I hope you read my email and think of helping me My email address: Hi I am from the Philippines I am also a fun of Oprah, I knew she is a truly inspiration to us woman for her strong determination and skills I would like to ask her email add for I am also interested in writing her.

Please send to my email address sitiodevictoria yahoo. I will be waiting soon. Thank you so much. My name is fatou. I am 32 years old wife and mom. I am from gambia west Africa. First of all, how is your health? I pray that God heals you and continue to bless you. To hear that you were diagnosed with cancer,I'm very sorry and sad about it. I admire The way you love, care and help less fortunate people in desperate situations.

Miss oprah, I need help. I don't underate any country. Any accredited college in the world that would accept me is ok as far as the study will be in English. I'm not asking for cash,if you can pay it to the school it will be ok for me.

I am from a very poor family with both parents uneducated. But my mom decided to send me and my siblings to school. We are 7 in number.. We struggled with our mom in her small garden where she gets income to pay for our schools. She tried and educate all of us up to high school but that was where she was able to stop as she was the one providing food and shelter for us. As we were in that struggle,a guy came and said he wanted to marry me. I told him my intention to go to college but didn't have a sponsor.

He promised to help me further my education. Every thing he told me was a lie. We got married and he told me he wanted us to make a baby first. I agree thinking after having a baby he would pay college for me. After our baby was one year old, I remind her about my intention to go to college, and he told me he will not allow his wife to go to college or work. He said a woman's place is in the kitchen. I told him but this was never our agreement. I cried n begged him to change his decision but he never.

He always tell me if I go to college he will marry another Wife and send me out of his house. As I can't go back to my mom's house with my child I stayed there doing what ever he wants.

With all that he was not supporting me. I then decided to do a small business Then go home and cook and do my house work. That's how I was struggling until I save some money. Then the following year I paid for a diploma course. I finished the course but can't get a job. I kept searching for a job for two years but can't even get a messenger job. Just last year someone told me It's free to go to college of education That's the only college we have in the gambia and one university.

I applied there and got accepted. I am in my second year majoring mathematics and science. But it's a three year college and I will get a higher teacher certificate not a degree. I pay transport every day to go and come.

To even get money to pay for transport is a problem for me. I always go back to the market during holidays to sell water and use that money for the coming semester transport. My husband is still threatening to marry a second wife. I'm still struggling going to college and doing my house work. This is just a summary of my situation. Please consider me after reading this. My email is fmcminteh hotmail. Please the picture in my comment is not my Facebook account. This Facebook account is owned by the person using this phone before me.

Please remove this picture or unsubscribe me. Later I will sign up with my own Facebook account. If I was the one who sign up with this account then it's a big mistake. The owner of this Facebook account has no knowledge of me signing up in Chicagonow. Hello Oprah I'm in a position right now that I need help. I'm a mother of two and I have been abuse for 15 years, don't want to go into to many detail on here but this was the only way I could get in touch with me.

My email address is eliza. My phone number is or I really hope to here from u so. Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year with great health and I wanted to thank you for your continued effort to help people especially the one with no voice, just like me. Here is my situation. I have been a former victim of domestic violence and I sought help from the shelter for battered women to get out of my situation. My abuser then took me to court and the judge awarded him sole custody of my daughter and a very high amount of child support, knowing that I am not working as I have a baby son to take care of.

I only have supervised visitation with my daughter and its expensive so I cant visit her often. Thank you and God Bless. I have been going through the court system since and still have had no remedy. I have been through two law firms and now I had to hire a third one.

I am out of thousands of dollars, which I had to borrow or get a loan for. I have no more resources to fall back on. This has been an expensive ordeal for me and my family and not sure how long I can go on without the right help or guidance that this case so badly needs. I am a 64 year-old, African American grandmother who has mailed letters to Oprah for the last three years or so.

I am not asking her for anything, or have a pitiful mouth for help. Each time that I have mailed her these letters, I carried them to the Post Office, had the information weighed and paid the correct amount of postage. There is very interesting and important information in the envelope. I respect everything that Oprah does, but I am really disappointed.

The information was mailed to Harpo Productions, an address that was confirmed to me. I have also sent this information to other celebrities, and so far, they have not returned it. I am really disappointed and hurt and no longer will support anything that the Harpo Productions, i.

Hi Granma3, I'm sorry Oprah and her staff have not acknowledge you. As I was searching for Oprah's contact information, I ran into this site. I'm for Shine On Hollywood Magazine, I would like to learn more how you can help people according to your note here. If this interest you, please let me know. C phone number I did Write you in I hope you Help Me. Winfrey, I have been thru so much at this point your my last hope I tried and tried to start my own cheerleading all star gym it worked but failed because I could not afford a facility my lover was stressed with his family and the exceptance of our relationship which put a lot of pressure on me and him.

At this time we are on the verge of breaking up and I don't want that to happen because of family and our finances we have lived in our car which has now be taken from me because of finances im currently living with my 83 year old grandmother who I take care of but I miss the love of my life because he can't be here with me.

I want to give up from trying to get things in order because it is so hard not knowing if he dead or alive at night I cry every night I just need your help in anyway so that I can atleast get a car and or a place of employment to get a home for the both of us before something terrible happens to him please help me.

I miss so many days of work trying to do what I can for them thank u Elaine scott. Hello Oprah, I am using the law of attraction to meet you. I've had this vision for years. Didn't want to go public with some information. The state that I live in is doing a great job of covering up a lot of Official Corruption.

I didn't know what address to send the evidence to you. I paid for my house in full after a few years. I had a near fatal and life altering accident.

In which I couldn't see or talk for 2 months. In the mean while my deed was transferred without a sheriff's sale. The conspirators charged me with criminal trespassing and sentenced me to 30 days in jail. When the visiting judge found out I was telling the truth he did not give a order for an eviction. I have a police report where the prosecutor told the police that he was not going to prosecute me. Mean while as I sat in jail like a criminal with false charges, the police coerced my adult children to leave the house.

Everything that was in my house including my grandfathers ashes, and his mothers heirlooms was stolen. I was born on my great-grandmothers birthday. I got out of jail, and I didn't have any clothes. They stole everything including my immaculate classic Mercedes v I have the police reports recorded conversations talking to officials about my property. No one will help. I've met a lot of people that this has happened to across the U. My whole life was stolen. School pictures, wedding pictures, children's graduations, fur coats, jewelry etc.

The details get worse. I'm self employed, and all of my business information and equipment was in the house. I have been financially hindered and commercially impeded on. Please give me air time. Something has to give, its time Kharma shows up.

I look forward to meeting you. Thank you, for your time in advance. I have just recently became an Entrepreneur for a Staffing Agency I am operating right now from Home. I have been working on this project for the past 3 yrs. I am now putting it altogether as much as I possibly can. I used to be a single mom of 3 children which is now all grown up. I am a grandmother for the first time.

I recently resign from my old job because it was simply not going anywhere. I receive my A. S Degree in , and now pursuing my B. S Degree in Technical Management. I have plenty of Business Experience and I would like to apply that knowledge and my skills to building my own future. I writing you to request any support or help you can give me for start up cost and hopefully my own office space.

I do have a Business Plan and I have tried on more than one occasion to request money for start up, however, since I am new to the Recruitment Industry I am a big risk for plenty of Lenders. How can you assist me? I have a passion for this Business that I am building and I just know with the right support I just know that my Business will be successful. The initials of my agency is name after my first grandson who name is Cameron Damani Wilson.

What I have already done with my own money was build a web site ww. I bought all the minimum equipment to work from home. I still need to buy recruitment software for test applicants, I need a recruitment software to hold my applicants. I recently put in application for Government Funding. My goal is to get people back to work. I am hoping to get a welfare to work contract and also help reduce the unemployment rate for our community.

Again this my passion I have always dream of having my own Staffing Business. I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my letter. Have a Bless Day. Good day Miss Oprah. I am a 45year old South African woman. In the year , I was involved in a motor accident which left me wheelchair bound. I was married but my husband committed suicide six months before the car accident that left me paralized. My earnest wish is to meet you when you visit South Africa next.

I live in KwaZulu Natal province. I am a hard working mother who earns an honest living and I continue to provide for my dear children Lerato and Olwethu. I do draw inspiration from all your words of wisdom and encouragement. It would trully be a blessing to meet with you in person. We offer long and short term loans. Our company has recorded a lot of breakthroughs in the provision of first class financial services to our clients, especially in the area of Loan syndication and capital provision for individuals and companies.

We have brought ailing industries back to life and we back good business ideas by providing funds for their up start. We have a network of Investors that are willing to provide funds of whatever amount to individuals and organizations to start business and operations.

We are a group of energetic and experienced loan professionals with thorough knowledge of financial markets. You can contact us via Email: Dear aunty Oprah, Am writing this email for you while am not sure that if you doing to receive this email and read it or no. This is kindly behavior which very few will do that. Am sure you will found many grammar and vocabulary mistakes on my email i hope you don't get confuse or headache while you are reading my email.

I'm from Sultanate of Oman i hope you know our country because most of people they dont know our country they just know Dubai. My big reason to write you this email is because i need i help from you i know it's same crazy but that come in my mind that you are the only one who might can help in this. Am studying In Majan College Business and Accounting so i have to pay my college fees and my totally salary is The business is am giving privet English classes and math for kids and English classes only for adult.

And the rent of my flat cost You might think am fool to pay I was even dont mind to buy cause i save some money to buy one cat and one puppies but it's all gone now i was wishing to have a new pet's on my birthday but what to do so your the only one come to my mind and ask you if you can help me to get puppies or cats.

Oprah, I've always tried to be independent and deal with things on my own, my husband is disable and is on a fixed income, i work and been taking care of one of granddaughter ever since she was 4 years old she's 10 now, my 5 year old granddaughter i've had her for 8 months now, i don't receive any type of financial help from my son nor the girls mom.

I stepped up because i didn't want to see neither one of my grand babies in CPS custody, the harder i try to take care of them the deeper i'm falling in debt, i can't get no government assistance and i prayed on this situation and you were the answer that God brought to my mind.

I need your help because without you bailing me out of the situation and financial burden that i have put my husband and myself in, we're going to end up losing everything that we have accomplished, please if you have a heart and just know that God sent me to you to be my guardian angel to help me financially, i will continue to pray that this message reaches you and touch your heart. Thank you for taking the time to even read my letter and God bless you. I will keep on Praying Until Something Happen and i will continue to pray that you're the one to make it happen.

Meet our bloggers, post comments, or pitch your blog idea. My Email Letter to Oprah Winfrey By Steven Krage , June 2, at 8: I had to write to you today, because for my entire short life 19 years, almost 20 I have dreamed of talking with you, if only for a short few moments. For my entire life, you have been a constant source of inspiration for me. Your whole life reads like an inspirational novel, forcing those of us who read it to look at our lives and learn from every single thing, good or bad, that happens in our either exciting or drab lives.

You have been through so much and the fact that you are, quoting Stephen Sondheim "through good times and bum times", still here is a constant source of inspiration for not only me, but millions of other friends, nay My life hasn't been perfect, but thanks to you, I have learned to enjoy every minute of it, no matter what has happened that might dissuade me from having a positive attitude.

I have learned to walk through my days with a smile on my face and a cheer in my step, despite every little negative thing that may happen. Steven Krage Oprah's Reply: Take care of yourself. I'll write soon , Oprah. Comments Leave a comment. Jamie said January 9, at In reply to ryoung Robin Zee said January 6, at In reply to Robin Zee:.

Yoga Mom said June 2, at She is a smart woman. Keeping her viewers and moving them to the new network with her. DeafMom said June 3, at Oprah sure knows how to connect, even the auto-replies sound like she's talking just to you.

Jenny Milk said June 7, at Sweetwater Mccowns said August 9, at DaLia FaLa said October 10, at Sweetwater Mccowns said November 18, at CC said February 8, at In reply to Sweetwater Mccowns:. Biswarup Nath said January 28, at Dear Mam, I am Biswarup Nath from india. CC said February 9, at Gregory Duque said March 25, at Eileen Poirier said May 26, at In reply to ceecee:. Kimberly Linzi said November 18, at Carolyn said November 26, at Crystal Perkins said February 16, at Dear Oprah, During the year of my mother's life took an unexpected turn in regards with her health.

LasoniaN said March 16, at Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you are willing to help us here is our contact info: Fatu said May 28, at DmcGairk said August 26, at Yvette Botamer said September 1, at Trice said September 13, at Betty Boos said November 12, at Darkchild Ervy said November 13, at In reply to Darkchild Ervy:. Korina said February 6, at Ngerem Diamond said February 17, at I need your help again for my son every step of the way!

Sallie Brown said April 3, at Posa said June 5, at Christiar Brown said July 1, at Gregory Lawson said July 24, at WendyLH said July 26, at Dear Oprah, Sweet words of wisdom has always been the point to everything. Regina Harrell said July 30, at Keesha Taylor said August 6, at Joshua Benjamin said August 9, at Vee,NY said August 29, at And iam from Ethiopia My Name Is fethi Iam journalist and iam Very happy to send u What comes On My heart and i have big Shop and and i named My shop Oprah Winfery Shop and every body will Read ur name hope all is well in your world and that you are staying positive, despite the major changes that are taking part in your life.

Selina Jackson said September 17, at Your quick response is highly appreciated. Tajuana Dunkley said October 21, at Austin George said November 7, at Hafid Laaboudi said November 17, at Zahia said November 18, at Charles Lub said November 23, at Nkechi Ibelachi said November 26, at Rama Sabra said November 27, at Dear Oprah Hello,how are you now?

Sitio De Victoria said December 5, at Mr faysalshukri said December 24, at Dear Oprah, Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year with great health and I wanted to thank you for your continued effort to help people especially the one with no voice, just like me. SOHM said January 20, at In reply to grandma Hello, my name is Julius poellintz I am a youn black male who have struggle with the fact of being gay and dating someone in which my family don't approve I have lost my apartment that me and my lover has lived in plus the car I have worked so hard for.

Elaine Scott said March 28, at Lady Schae said March 31, at Peace and blessing, Lady Schae. GLaney said April 7, at Raj Thomas1 said April 19, at I understand there are families out there who desperately need help a lot more than we do so if my request are not possible I pray that God bless the familys that you do choose to help and I will keep pushing on unto my last breath, thank you for taking the time to read this and may God bless each and everyone of you regardless of the help we May or may not received My house burned no insurance and i am displaced no children single both parents deceased i am currently pillar to post n helping my elderly uncle who is terribly ill.

I am trying to become self sufficient to help self and others. I recently got a phone my dl my sscard amen lol. Really good i just need someone to believe in me and give me a push. I am detail oriented many skills.. No car no job.. Walking living in the countrt the woods please invest in me i will relocate..

Wendy lucille may on facebook. If you're in financial hardship and are looking for financial assistance then you could go to Oprah Winfrey for help. If you want to ask Oprah for money because you need financial help fast, need help sorting out your finances then please read on, I have some very useful tips and a sample letter asking the millionaire for money.

The Oprah Winfrey foundation can give you emergency financial help if you need help with money. Financial hardship can happen for a number of reasons and if it is a genuine need then usually you will get help.

In this article we explore how are where to find financial help from Oprah as well as Suze Orman. If you're looking to take charge of your own finances then check out some of the following money making posts. All the ideas and strategies listed inside these posts are legal and legitimate and you could make a lot of money.

I myself have used some of these strategies to rise out of poverty. There are many people in need of money, fortunately there are a group of millionaires who are really willing to help financially if you have a genuine need and a drive to succeed in life. Financial help for single mothers or financial help for school is available from Oprah if you can demonstrate the money will help you.

If you've just lost your job or have been made redundant due to the economic downturn and you can't find a job then you can turn to Oprah for help. The best way to do this is to show that you are doing your best to find a job however you just need some time or money towards getting a new qualification. Oprah has given helped countless people with scholarship education so they can rise out of poverty.

If you can persuade Oprah that the money will help you go on to better things then there is a high chance that you will get the money. Oprah has helped many African-American men and women by providing financial help for college.

The queen of daytime television really believes in education, so if you're looking for help towards college and university it's worth contacting her.

Financial help for unemployed people is also available, if you didn't have the opportunity to study and have set your heart on educating yourself to get out of poverty then you should contact her. I have included a sample letter that can be used to ask help from millionaires like Oprah. If you're caring for somebody and you've had to give up your job then this is something that Oprah helps out with often. Oprah has provided financial help for cancer patients in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

If you're caring for a loved one and they need constant attention and you don't have the means to get help then you can write to her. You can contact Oprah via her website on the Contact Me page. Explain how you've been forced into these circumstances and how money can help you care for your loved ones or find a solution to your problems. If you can present a case where the money will be used responsibly then there is a high chance that you will receive help.

Millionaires Who Help People in Need. If you've just got out of prison or have come out of rehab and are looking to rebuild your life then Oprah is likely to help you. In your letter explain to her that you have just overcome a real problem and are looking to get on the road to recovery and how her money would be spent on things like new qualification and education to get you there.

Oprah is one of the best millionaires who help people in need. How much money does Oprah giveaway? If you want to ask Oprah for help the best way to do this is to ask for financial aid online via her contact page on her Oprah website. You then have to explain how you would use this money and how it would help you get out of your current situation.

If you can write a convincing letter there is a good chance that you will get some sort of financial help once your case has been verified. Let me start by expressing how much of a fan I am of your show and all your philanthropic work that you have done in the past and will do in the future.

If you've lost your job or are unemployed: I have been working at my steel factory for 30 years now and due to the economic downturn I have been made redundant with no redundancy package. I find myself in a place where I don't have adequate skills to get a job in the present market.

I have always been interested in medicine and would love the opportunity to pursue this career again. I have enclosed a plan which outlines how much I need to see my dream through. I would be grateful for any donation you can give me and rest assured will keep in contact to let you know how I am doing.

If you need financial help with college or university: I am currently studying philanthropy at college and have completed my first term. I decided not to take out a student loan as I had a job. Unfortunately I have been made redundant and need financial help to continue my course. Any donation would be appreciated and I would keep in touch to let you know how I am progressing. If you need financial help to care for a cancer patient or loved one: I have recently left my job to care for my mother who is a cancer patient.

Unfortunately I do not have the means to place her in a nursing home. I have found a great nursing home that would care for my mother and free me to look for a job. I have enclosed all the paperwork that you need to consider my situation and would welcome any donation or financial help you can give.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I hope to hear from you in the near future. If you're looking for legal and legitimate ways to make money check out more of the money making posts shown below. I have used a number of these strategies to make money quickly. If you're prepared to work hard and embrace new ideas then check these posts out now. Azenkeng Ndemaze 19 October at Anonymous 26 November at J Colleen Higgins 18 March at Unknown 24 April at Matteo Juan 27 April at Unknown 28 April at Newer Post Older Post Home.

I've been racking my brains trying to find out how anyone can make dollars right now, be sure to check the other guides in this ser I always get emails from the readers of Millionaires Giving Money making statements such as I need dollars I will do anything. If you're experiencing hardship then you could get online financial assistance from wealthy people who are giving away money in If you need help with money right now there are a number of options worth.

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Apr 29,  · There are numerous answers on here with the address. Alternatively you could find out who her agent it via Google and it will be easy to contact them regarding her address or they can pass a message on to her. Bearing in mind though, she will get thousands of fanmail and requests so a .

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To write a personal letter to Oprah Winfrey, watch her shows and understand her theme for that year, relate your idea to the specific topics covered by the Oprah Winfrey Show, and select the method you prefer to send the personal letter. It is possible to write a personal letter to Oprah Winfrey and.

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The popular daytime talk show host and magazine diva Oprah Winfrey is difficult to get in contact with, but armed with the right address and a touching letter, your message may just make it through to her. The following is a template letter to be used for a focused campaign by thyroid patients to Oprah Winfrey. You can use it as is, or change it according to your own wording.

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Write a letter to Oprah Winfrey by sending an addressed letter to her at The Lot, the studio at which her offices are located in West Hollywood, California. The address for the studios is The Lot, North Formosa Avenue, West Hollywood, CA, You can also write to her by writing to her. The place for everything in Oprah's world. Get health, beauty, recipes, money, decorating and relationship advice to live your best life on The Oprah Show, O magazine, Oprah Radio, Angel Network, Harpo Films and Oprah's Book Club.